[Maiki Sachi] Kyou Kara Omega ni Narimashita. – Chapter 3

Dance Under the Cherry Blossoms

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Hi! (。・∀・)ノ

I tried to bring this chapter to you as soon as possible! (ofc not neglecting quality), but I’m sorry if my grammar sounds off here and there, a new school semester just started, and I’m adjusting so my head is kinda muddled… yeah _(:3」∠)_

Anyway… I kinda rant a bit at the end of the chapter lol. ↓

I hope you enjoy? this chapter!

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[NEW MANGA] Sono Kao Mitara, Gaman wa Dekinai – Chapter 1

Hitsuji-sama Scanlation

skmgwd-ch1-prevTitle: Sono Kao Mitara, Gaman wa Dekinai
Author: Yareya Umako

Chapter 1: Download | Read Online

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Translator / Typesetter: Hitsuji-sama
Cleaner: BlueEffect y Ryochan & Jéssdinsky
Proofreader: Galaxy

Summary: (By Hitsuji-sama) Matsukawa has all the qualities that would make women fall head over heels at first sight. He’s good looking, has great style, is an excellent worker, treats people with kindness, and even has a great smile. It’s all thanks to his “secret” efforts to make himself look that good. However, he didn’t expect for his co-worker Yuuki, whom he hates, to approach him. A salarymen love story between a gentle yet sadistic junior and a senior obsessed with beauty begins!

As promised! Here’s the first chapter that was requested previously…! This story is basically about a narcissist guy who’s obsessed with his looks. This is my first time…

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[Maiki Sachi] Kyou Kara Omega ni Narimashita. – Chapter 1

Dance Under the Cherry Blossoms

Download link here.

This may be sudden and out of nowhere, because really, I didn’t plan to work on this manga at all, much less upload it before anything else lol… (priorities…) But!! I hope you guys won’t mind me working on this haha ;; I just kind of really took a liking to it after reading the plot and the manga itself??

It’s my second time cleaning a cover page (after hibari) and it’s still not easy but I hope everything looks okay?? (and the font designs whatnot are at least passable lol, I’m mostly just indulging myself actually….)

Also! Please leave a message @ my tumblr if you want (lol actually please do, I feel liek a sad doggo wanting to be pat on the head)

Enjoy the chapter!

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